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Thank you for taking a minute to stop by and meet the RCI team! We are St. Louis natives, born and raised! Together we have four children, one lizard, one snake, and a slightly insane border collie/lab mix puppy. We delight in all of the nerdy things that life has to offer. We love to travel and we play Ingress and Pokemon Go with our three teenagers and the toddler. We are die-hard Firefly fans. I am a music nerd and will do my best to work song lyrics into just about any conversation. By day, Scott is a rogue programmer, driven by technological advancements. Scott manages to keep me up to date on technology, which isn't an easy task when my head is usually up in the clouds planning my next dazzling photo shoot. As far as husband/wife teams go, we compliment each other perfectly!

Based in St. Louis for over five years, River City Images specializes in timeless, breathraking boutique portraiture with a side of whimsy and a whole lot of fun! Our clients are laid-back, quirky, and unique, just like us! They understand and appreciate the heirloom quality artwork that we provide. We strive to show our clients the joy, creativity, and dedication that set our personal portrait sessions apart. If that sounds like you, then we invite you to shoot us an email to schedule your portrait experience and let us show you why our clients love us almost as much as we love them!

We look forward to meeting you!

~Katie and Scott

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